Friday, January 25, 2008

job interview

hate to be a hippie, but i was on the phone with my mom earlier. i was freaking out about the world and myself. in it. she reminded me of a letter i sent her after i had a terrible job interview at the cupboard. when asked to describe myself, my strengths, my weaknesses i couldn't think of anything other than standard worldly "dedicated" bullshit you toss around in job interviews. when asked what my favorite book was i couldn't remember a book i've read since ramona the pest, which i read in fourth grade. i left feeling like i had the wind knocked out of me and my entire sense of self and identity were evaporating with it. so, when i got home i wrote my mom a letter about the whole experience, then i gave real answers to the questions. i read it today and felt grounded and comfortable in my skin. still scared, but glad to know who i am. not that i am any certain way, but just that knowledge. knowing. this is a pretty cheesy entry. this is what i wrote:

About Me:
I love helping people. I love my family, my dog, my cat, my friends, my stripy square pillow. I love learning. I am a hard worker. I am sensitive. I sometimes take things personally. I am an artist. I strive for health. I love the earth, I love my body. If the world is a canvas, than I am still caught up making my own brushes, contemplating how I plan to paint my perceptions. or better yet, what my perceptions even are. I am an activist. I believe in standing up for things that are important. I am in tune with my body. I love giving. I love interaction. I love sweet stories and sad songs. I make goals. I change my mind. I am a striver. I am a searcher. I try to see the best in people. I try to operate from a place of love and compassion. I try to admit when I am wrong. I love kombuchas. I am a transcendentalist. I try to be a good person. I try to be true. I try to be love.
My weaknesses:
all of the above.
My strengths
all of the above.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my head is exploding in a good way

I'm excited about this semester. I have my hands full though:

1. getting the North Texas Artists Resource Collaborative off the ground. We are basically building a nonprofit organization from scratch and creating an art co-op in denton.
2. organic chemistry tutor
3. president of this social activist group. we are a group of 20 girls and we're possibly creating a bill a presenting it to legislature in Austin. we haven't really figured it out yet... it is a school thing
4. starting a zine with my gurls. i'm really excited that i'm in on this.
5. starting a natural house cleaning business with Joanna and Irene. again.... super exciting
6. swsa. still an officer
6. school
7. life. art. wonderful awesome things.

I do this though... I like feeling a part of a community and really contributing to it. i love everyone. seriously. my life is better now than it has ever been. thank youuu.

a billion high fives


Saturday, January 12, 2008

i am head over heals in love with every single one of my friends

top 3 happenings from this week:

1. indian food ladies night
2. watching sophie not be sad at the lake
3. last night. everything.

mannnnnnnn. i'm soooooo feeling great right now. peace, love, chipmunks, puppy breath, bran muffins.