Tuesday, March 18, 2008

here is to the southwest and here is to five years

there is a fullness that i want to share. this bliss, formed of clay made from the particles of life, is feeding my passion and filling up my being. let me place it in any empty spots you may have. i would mold it perfectly for you so you could feel the light weight of freedom.

this fullness came to me straight from this dry red ground, where buried secrets lay, waiting to be nurtured by a needy spirit, brought to life, and freed from the bounds of memory, now able to dance in this beastly desert wind.

this fullness, embedded at the base of my heart, lights up my spirit and makes it ready to chase after those crusty mountains that scrape the soft blue sky where hope trickles from, encircling my purity and protecting it from the tainted asphalt of human fears.

this fullness, echoing off the racketing tracks, makes me want to hop that west-bound train and travel far into the depths of youth and wonder, escaping the acquired cynicism that comes with aging disappointment. when i am old and dying, youth will be so deeply embedded in my spine that i will light up with its wonder even after my spirit is just another secret buried in this desert land.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

last night in the teepee

harmonious isolation,
absence of longing,
vibrant colors and vibrant thoughts.
under the stars
the wind is restless, brewing.
tomorrow i will feel lost.
tomorrow i will feel scared.
tomorrow i will feel that the world holds no meaning.
that i hold no potential to change tomorrow.
but for now
the moon is bright
and i am here, fully present, feeling the world's cold hands at my back.